Bean Husk Pillow


The Bean Husk Pillow is our best selling product. Adopting Grandma's traditional beanie making methods, these bean husks are harvested in Singapore's own hydroponics farm and dried in the sun for 10 days before weighed and carefully sealed into cotton bags. They're then packed into 100% organic cotton cases and stowed away. 

Baby Beannie is a homegrown Singaporean brand who's been producing 100% organic and toxic free bedding products since 2008. 


  • The soothing sounds of the tumbling bean husks ease the baby and simulate a calming environment

  • The weight of the bean husks when laid across their body comforts them during their sleep. It adds slight pressure for the feeling of being hugged.

  • For use as a pillow for newborns (optional) - Shift the beans on both ends of the pillow (medium or large because small is too small) and rest the baby's head in the middle. The bean husks would act as a resistant, preventing the baby from overturning their head. You may also lay the bean husk pillow on their side, the light pushback from the pillow prevents the baby from rolling on their side.



  • The bean husk pillows are NOT WASHABLE.

  • To clean, follow the instructions below:

    • Step 1: Take off the pillow case and throw it in the wash

    • Step 2: Sun the bean husks for about 1 hour / Pop it in the oven for about a minute on medium heat / Put it in for 15-20 seconds on low heat

    • Step 3: Put the pillow case back on and you're good to go

  • Do not store bean husk pillows in dark or damp areas. The Singapore climate is humid which might lead to build up of moisture inside the pillow.

    Small: 30cm x 10cm
    Medium: 30cm x 15cm
    Large: 45cm x 15cm