Norsta little desk and chair set

SKU: MCD0001367S

Norsta little desk has 3 adjustable heights to accommodate the growing needs of the user. The drawer allows easy storage for stationeries. The heightened edges prevent stationeries from falling off the edges when the children are having fun!

Width 400mm x Length 620mm x Height 400/430/460mm

Norsta little chairs come in 6 beautiful pastel colors. You can let your creativity go wild, mix and match the colors to express yourself!

Norsta Chairs has 2 adjustable heights for the seat and backrest to accommodate the growing needs of the user.

Width 295mm x Length 295mm x Height 470mm

Heights of adjustable seat plates: 230/260mm

 *If you chose 2 chairs option and would like both chairs to be different colours. Do leave a note at check out with the desired colour. If you did not leave a note, both chairs would be the same colour that you chose in the option.*