Wedge Pillow

SKU: MCP0001404S

Wedge pillow provides support for your upper body, legs or to use as a stabiliser for lying on your side.

The wedge pillow is designed for babies (0 – 6mths) while they are feeding. The incline helps to ease stomach acid reflux symptoms, poor circulation and aid digestion. Experience the comfort of our 100% foam product, sealed in our bamboo knit fabric which is anti-bacterial and naturally cooling.

Each wedge pillow comes with a removable cotton case that is machine washable.

Should the pillow get soiled, spot clean with soap and water and ensure it’s dry before use. Do not wash or soak the pillow in the washing machine.

Beautifully packed making it a useful gift for newborns!

* For infants or mums with medical conditionals, please speak to your paediatrician/gynaecologist before using the wedge pillow