Jurassic World Series Kids Sofa

$65.90 $159.90

Molco is pleased to announce that we will be distributing kids sofa designs from Universal Studio’s Jurassic World and Camp Cretaceous! We will be featuring 4 new designs. Get yours today and let the dinosaurs walk on our lands again!

Looking for a versatile and durable kids sofa that can transform into a nap time mattress? Look no further than our foldable sofa made from locally produced high resilience foam and removable covers for easy washing and changing.

Our high resilience foam is firm enough to provide adequate support for children of various sizes, yet soft enough to allow for comfortable seating and sleeping. The material also offers durability, ensuring that the sofa bed can withstand regular use by active kids.

The Kids Sofa is available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing parents to choose a design that matches the decor of their child's room. Covers come with zippered closures to ensure a secure and snug fit over the sofa bed.

Overall, the high density foam kids sofa bed is an excellent choice for parents looking for a functional, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain piece of furniture for their children. Its versatility, durability, and design make it an excellent investment for any family with young children.

Eat play sleep repeat!