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Sleep & Grow up well ~

Baby cot with 6 adjustable heights.

Designed to be adjusted for floor and bed height needs. It is made from beautiful Indonesian pine wood, that can hold up to 60kg!

The mattress base has 2 heights to adjust from and the leg frame has 3 heights to adjust from. It was calculated to allow flexibility for parents when they need various heights to fit their lifestyle. 

The sliding gate has 2 knobs that have to be pulled simultaneously to bring the gate down. This allows the user to control the speed and reduce sound. Having to pull both knobs at the same time is a safety measure that delays any accident should the child pull at the knobs. 

Assembly is required to put the cot together. Assembly is made easy with twist knobs, minimal tools are required.

Size: W132 x D77 x H105 (cm) *max. height
Material: Pinewood/PU coating
Load-bearing: Approx. 60kg
Package Weight: 18kg
Package size : W125 x D14 x H77 (cm)
*cleared Japanese baby bed safety standards (SG/PSC)

Height levels
Level 1 - 20cm 
Level 2 - 35cm
Level 3 - 32cm
Level 4 - 48cm
Level 5 - 45cm
Level 6 - 60cm

Available in 2 colours: Natural & White

Each purchase includes:

  • tools for installation
  • castor wheels
  • 100 mm mattress 
  • 1-year warranty upon date of delivery